The truck crushed the

At midnight the truck fell on the workers sleeping on the sidewalk. a minimum of 15 people were killed and 6 injured within the incident.

The tragic incident happened within the dark on Monday (January 18) in the Surat area of Gujarat, India. Indian media outlet Sangbad Pratidin reported on Tuesday (January 19th).

The report quoted police as saying that a minimum of 15 people had been killed and eight injured thus far . consistent with initial police reports, a truck suddenly lost control and fell on sleeping workers at Kosamba in Surat in the dark . a minimum of 13 deaths were initially reported, but the price has since risen.

It is learned that each one the deceased are residents of Banswada district of Rajasthan.. He came to figure in Gujarat as his laborer.

Surat Superintendent of Police CM Jadeja told Sangbad Pratidin, “Akhbojhai lost control when a tractor collided with a truck. At the instant it crushes workers sleeping on the sidewalk.

Initially 13 people died but later 2 more died among the injured. the remainder of the injured are admitted to the hospital. Police fear the price could rise further.

Workers slept on the sidewalk on Monday (January 16th) night after work. it had been at that point that the accident happened and nobody was ready to move quickly. Such a tragic accident caused a stir within the area.

A large number of police personnel are deployed in Surat area during this incident. they need started rescue work. Local residents were also seen working with them.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grief over the incident. He said, ‘The truck accident in Surat is tragic. My condolences to the families of the victims. I wish the injured a speedy recovery. ‘

During the lockdown in Aurangabad in May last year, migrant workers on their way home crushed the morning train once they fell asleep on the railway line. At that point 18 people died on the spot.


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